The mission of Lincoln-Marti Charter School, known herein as “The School”, is to provide a challenging curriculum in which academic excellence, character development and individual growth are nurtured in a safe and positive environment that includes the active participation of students, teachers, parents and community stakeholders.


The rigorous curriculum provided at The School will incorporate the key foundational skills necessary for success in the student’s secondary level academic pursuits. Students will be challenged to become high cognitive-level thinkers while simultaneously learning to maintainintegrity and character.

All students at The School will be focused on Academics, Attendance, Attitude, and Extra-Curricular Activities so that they may acquire the foundation to become well-rounded and problem-solving citizens.


The Governing Board of The School has set high standards for the quality of education it wants its students to experience. Therefore, the school will align its responsibility for high student performance to financial efficiency. This will hold all stakeholders to a standard that will be reevaluated after an appropriate implementation timeline so discussions can be held with the Governing Board around findings determining whether or not the teaching and learning that has taken place has had a positive yield of student achievement for the investments made in the charter school.